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To my beloved Murashige,

Congratulations on turning 16 years old

It sucks that I can’t be near you to cheer you on during your birthday party.

Despite having a cute face, Murashige continues doing her lame one-shot gags. I was really surprised in the beginning at how everyone ignored your jokes and you continued laughing and smiling, you really are a strong girl.

But in reality, there have been so many times where you’ve cried because you were weak at variety shows and things have gone poorly for you. You would ask me, “Was Murashige okay this time? They won’t cut me out will they? Do you think they’ll use me?” You’re really a girl who sticks to it.

Right now I can’t be near you and I’m wondering if you’re smiling energetically as you usually do. It makes me worried.

Murashige always calls me “ugly” or “dekazura”, but I know you say it with love and that love has saved me many many many times.

Murashige says she loves me all the time, and I just blow her off and go “yeah yeah”. But I really do love Murashige. She has helped me through so many hard times. I can’t say I’m embarrassed being in front of Murashige. When I feel lonely I just watch Murashige videos or look at her ugly pictures and it makes me feel better.

But lately I’ve noticed the Murashige in front of me isn’t being her gui gui self!

I don’t know if Murashige knows that I’ve noticed, but don’t be afraid and just be the way you are. I love the Murashige who is like that.

Whenever you’re feeling down, I want to be the one to give you energy. If you’re having any troubles, please know that you can always talk to me about them.

And today, please know how important you are to your fans and those around you who have come to celebrate with you today.

Happy birthday

From Chiyori who Murashige loves most in this world

P.S. You’ve gotten a bit fat lately, so lose some weight

If you keep it up, you’ll be heading the same way Getters-san said!



Translated by: imnikky@tumblr/twitter // Kanki@Stage48



kyary been doing this for months but none of yall cared until now

my point in the form of a photo set


imnikky replied to your post “lmfao at everyone getting riled up over kyary’s costumes for zipper …”

Which ones are they bitching about?

These two pictures she posted on her Twitter! I mean it’s not the epitome of “tasteful” but…

omg whateeeever. People will find anything to bitch about these days.

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